Bowls Sponsorship Ltd.

About Bowls Sponsorship 

Bowls Sponsorship Ltd. is the leading UK company involved in the securing of Sponsorship for both Indoor and Outdoor Bowling Clubs.

The company sources appropriate potential sponsors and organizes a meeting for the club committee and the potential sponsor at the bowls club premises chaired by an employee of Bowls Sponsorship Ltd.  There is no cost to the club for this service.

The Sponsor would generally pay a negotiated cash sum to the club together with a combination of products supplied by Bowls Sponsorship Ltd.

These could include, Bowls Rink Scoreboards, Bowls Collectors (Pushers), Microfibre Bowls Towels, Bowls Polishers and in the case of Indoor Clubs only, Bowls Mats. All these products contain the club badge and the sponsors details and act as a vehicle for the members to get to know the sponsor in a non-intrusive manner.

All these products are pictured on this site.