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Bowls Sponsorship Ltd.

Our Unique Fully illustrated Bowls Mats comply with World Bowls size regulations . We have the only moulds in the WORLD to produce these mats. They are non-slip except for bowlers wishing to push off from the mat during delivery of their bowl during rainy conditions.

Mats are FREE OF CHARGE for a set of 12 in return for 3 years advertising on them. or they are available for purchase if clubs wish to sell their own advertising. Contact 07789 69651o for details of pricing.

These scoreboards are available either to buy for those clubs wishing to get their own sponsorship, or given FREE OF CHARGE to the club in return for 3 years sponsorship organised by ourselves.

After the 3 years have expired the club may resell the sponsorship and keep all the revenue for the club, or we will resell it on a 50/50 basis. It is the clubs choice.

To purchase 6 scoreboards the cost is £1350 + VAT , but we produce all the graphics from the sponsors High Resolution artwork included in the price.

 Bowls  Sponsorship Ltd.   10 Sandy Mead Road, Bournemouth.  BH8 9JY


chris@bowlssponsorship.com                                 Telephone ; 07789 696510

About Bowls Sponsorship Ltd.

Bowls Sponsorship Ltd. is the leading UK company involved in the securing of Sponsorship for both Indoor and Outdoor Bowling Clubs.

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